Rules & Regulation

  • For the successful implementation of the academic regularity and punctuality is imperative.
  • If the attendance is less than the prescribed percentage i.e 75% total working days the students will not be allowed to appear in Annual Examination.
  • Students are not allowed to meet visitors during school hours. A Students is generally not allowed to leave the school hours.
  • School uniform is compulsory on all school days at all school function, students must wear the prescribed uniform, exact in colors and pattern and they should come school clean and tidy with trim hair.
  • Corporal punishment is strictly banned.
  • Shouting whistling and using abusing language is strictly disallowed.
  • Students are not supposed to keep any sharp instrument such as knife etc. to the school are any kind of object the cause injury to others.
  • Students will be hold responsible for irregulars attendance, neglect of homework, disobedience and disrespect to the member of school staff and outsider.
  • The school reserves for itself the right to dismiss a students for unsatisfactory program or bad conduct.
  • Mobile phones, music instruments and others devices are not allowed in is school. For making call school will provide the mobile and other.